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The Strange and Unexplainable Things that Happen To Powerful Women


As it was revealed to me when it came…

No earthly force is of the slightest consequence to the power within you.  You are greater than gravity itself.

Write your name down (it represents your personality or ego-persona.)  Ask yourself… “what is it I’m thinking about you that I’m using as my excuse to not allow myself to be who I really am?”  Then think the thought that “Who you really ARE” would think.

Spider is the symbol for infinite possibilities of creation.  Infinity.  The spider’s body itself forms the shape of the number 8, the symbol of infinity.  Its eight legs represent the four winds of change, and the four directions.

The spider spins its web, but is never caught up in it.  The spider is the creator, who weaves the web of its own experience/existence.  It creates its own world, but it doesn’t get caught up in the illusions of its creations.  The web represents the world, or our physical existence created by our ego-persona.  The center of the web represents stillness, or spirit, our true nature, when all aspects of our existence come together in one place.  It represents the now.

Spider weaves a web that either catches those who are caught up in the illusions of the ego-mind/physical plane existence and the idea of fate… or it gives those who see beyond, into other dimensions, then gives them the connections they need to access them.  You’re either weaving the web… or you’re caught in it.

Spider sits in the center of the web, and reaches out with all eight of its legs.  It grabs a hold of the web and pulls it closer in, to create more tension in the web… to take out any slack.

Because of this tension, when an insect gets caught in the web, the spider doesn’t have to waste time looking around to see where it landed.  It knows exactly which direction to go, based on which leg received the vibration up the web.  The vibration it receives is FELT by its BODY (physical/etheric/psychic/spiritual/mental… these are all “bodies.”)  The body is an antennae!

The spider web represents parts of our spirit—our essence—that we put out into the universe to catch and bring us our experiences, our abundance.  We know which direction to go, by the vibration we receive, and from which direction it comes.  (Which brings into play the four directions again, and the four winds of change.)

And when we receive that vibration… that is when we act with urgency.  The spider doesn’t waste time when the vibration comes.  But it absolutely is in the moment whether it is acting with urgency, or whether it is carefully spinning its web.

Use your natural talents to get the web spinning.  Find pleasure in the ideas that Spider brings.

Correlates to the spider’s web:

  • The Labyrinth—the hidden treasure at the center of yourself – self love.
  • Dream Catcher—the filtering of untruth from truth.
  • Peorth/The Dice Cup Rune—to throw the dice or not to, to swing the pendulum or not to.  To muscle check, or not to. Life is about choices.  To heed what the innate says or not to.  We are in control of our destiny, or we leave it in the hands of fate.
  • Medicine Wheel – four directions, the miracle circle writing, the focusing of energies in the center of the circle, and the protection the rest of the “web” or the outer parts of the wheel provides by circulating out highly vibratory energy.  (This can also be related to the “compass rose,” which takes us to… stonehenge!)
  • Stonehenge and other Astrological calculators… used for predicting the movement heavens… used to see what is coming in the future… psychic gifts, clairvoyance.  The spider’s web enables it to reach out into other dimensions and catch what is there and bring it into its experience.  Our psychic gifts enable us to reach out into other dimensions and catch what truth is there so that we might bring it fully into our conscious existence.
  • Wheel of Fortune tarot card – Represents the unexpected turns of “fate” but we learn from this card that we are either living our lives as a reaction to what the wheel of fortune spins for us, or we are actively creating our lives… spinning the wheel ourselves. The wheel of fortune is the Merkaba… the chariot of ascension.
  • Merkaba—Spinning… the spider spins its web into existence.  The merkaba within us spins also.  This is the spiral of creation.  The outward spinning… our prime wave.  The spider, after making the spokes of its web, then begins to weave, and it weaves around and around in a spiral pattern.  There is significance in the direction the spider weaves it. From the outside in.
  • Wheel of life—the wheel doesn’t provide solutions.  It just turns up, then down, then up and down again.  As humans, we get caught around the rim without realizing we can change that at any time by moving to the center of the wheel, (the center of the web where the weaver of it resides), the center is neither up nor down.  It is both, and yet it is neither.  Which is God… we are both opposites (good/bad, light/dark, etc.), and yet we are neither.  We are the axle around which the rest of the wheel (creation) turns.  We are the creator around which the rest of the world revolves.  At the edge of the wheel, we are caught in the spider’s web (moving up and down and around & around.)  At the center, we are the creator whom it turns around… the spider who weaves the web.
  • The Solar Plexus Chakra –I’m getting that it relates to all the chakras because they “SPIN!” and also because they spin in a spiral pattern, which is how the spider weaves its web.
  • The Vortex – same thing. Vortex’s take us to other dimensions of time/space, or out of time/space entirely.  When we are in the “eternal now” moment, we are not affected as much by time/space.  We are in the center of the vortex.
  • There is also a connection of the web to the female womb… creation.  The thread the spider spins comes from its abdominal area.  It is created in the same vicinity as the “womb.” The umbilical cord weaves in a spiral pattern, nourishing us with all that we need, and it comes to us through the navel, the solar plexus.
  • DNA is also a spiral pattern, a ladder-like web… like the spokes of the spider’s web, twisted around itself.
  • Map of the Cosmos (don’t have a clue yet, just got told it relates.)
  • The web also relates to the several levels of progression from physical existence to pure consciousness… again… don’t know how or why, just know that it does! Movement through the seven “depths” of “densing down” when our consciousness slowed itself down to manifest as physical matter.  Collapsing of the wave function.
  • For some reason, the turtle is also related… the pattern on its back is akin to a spider’s web
  • Somehow it also relates to the atom molecule, but I don’t know how yet, either, just told that it does.
  • Letters are symbols that represent sounds.  Sounds are waves of vibrations that give rise to creation.  “In the beginning was the Word.”
  • Planets, solar systems, and galaxies are connected by a web of energy.

The wheel, the spider web, the Stonehenge astrological calculator… these all give us bearings, to help us feel out where we are in relationship to all other things.  They tell us where we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re going.  They assist us through our heart.  They show us how to move in and out of linear time and space into the oneness—the totality of our existence, our being-ness, and back again.

We have to move out into the web to take hold of the abundance that the universe has placed there.  Then we repair our web and move back into the center.  Our emotional upheavals happen out in the web.  It is a traumatic thing to the web, to be involved in the catching and spinning of prey.  The spider becomes more and more skillful with time, in using the web to make its prey secure, and in repairing its web.

The web also represents strings… harp, guitar, violin, etc.  Strings, that when pulled tightly with tension, creates music, or sound waves.  As the spider wanders its web, it tones.  We can do sound therapy with our voices.  String theory is also related to this.

(When doing an energy work session for a woman who had been unable to conceive a child with her husband for 13 years, my mind saw her turn into a large cello, so I drew an imaginary bow across the strings at the level of her sacral chakra.  Three months later she was pregnant.)

Learn more about how spiders spin their webs.  There are many messages in the form and manner in which they spin and weave.

Spider tells us… create, Create, CREATE!!!

Spider asks you to keep a journal, to write out and review your progress, to keep from forgetting how you are creating a new life.  The Native Americans believe that spider brought us the first alphabet… the runic alphabet, specifically (which is now being proven, that the Vikings were the first to arrive in America, and carved many stones in North America with the runic alphabet.)  So the spider teaches us to write.

Don’t get so caught up in weaving your web that you fail to notice an opportunity on the outskirts.  Something you have woven has borne fruit.  Some webs catch prey long before they are fully woven, especially if the web is well-placed in the garden.

Spider reminds us to see the expansiveness of the eternal plan.

“Many times we meet our destiny on the road we take to avoid it.” — Kung Fu Panda

You are the master of your body, and you are the master of your ego.  Your ego gives you the illusion of separateness to allow you to experience your magnificence.  It also gives you a brain which functions perfectly for the receiving of massive psychic gifts.  Your mind also stores information in a linear fashion which enables you to participate in a time/space reality, and it retrieves information which enables you to use acquired skill to assist you through your physical existence (like cooking and cleaning, for example.)  Your body is a tool also, as it gives you a physical point of focus where your spirit can focus itself for the purpose of this experience.  It experiences pain so that you can know pleasure.  It gives you the ability to hug, to caress, to kiss, to make love, and to serve both you and someone else.  It is the servant of your spirit, not its master.  Up until now, your body, and your ego have been your master.  But YOU are the real master now… don’t expect them to give up without a fight, but you KNOW exactly what to do when that happens, and you can subdue your body, and bring it into the full measure of its creation by allowing it to serve you, which is its highest and greatest purpose.

There’s more… always.  I’ll add to this later and share.

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