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The Strange and Unexplainable Things that Happen To Powerful Women


I have strange dreams.

I was in a garden, or a courtyard of some kind.  At least that’s what it seemed like because I was surrounded by stone walls in ruins, and inside there were old stone paving with grass and tiny plants growing up in the cracks.

Now that I think about it more, it could have been the ruins of an old church or cathedral whose roof was long gone, but whose walls still showed the archways and columns that made up its windows.  Regardless, it felt like a garden.

There was some sort of well in the center.  It was low to the ground, about a foot high, made of the same stone everything else was… a cool limestone.  It was about 3 or 4 feet across.  There was a band of thin flat capstones that ran around the edge, and it stood about a foot high.  The water level came to about an inch or two below the top level of the stones, and there was some kind of fountain or stone fixture in the middle of it, but it wasn’t running water and had grown lily pads on its surface.

I found myself sitting on the ground, peering into the water.  I’m not sure how I knew, but I was keenly aware that this was some type of magic well… like an old wishing well.

I had the sense that if I asked a certain question it would respond and based upon the words I spoke, it would respond in different ways.

At this particular time in my life, money was a huge issue.  I was trying to raise my daughter by myself and living on welfare.  The thing I needed the most at that time, was money, and for some reason I felt like I was brought here to have that need filled.  I felt like I was supposed to ask it for money.  I knew I had to phrase the question just right in order to get it.

I tried many different phrases until somehow the correct one popped into my head.  When I said it, suddenly a handful of one-dollar bills popped up the surface of the water.  It was only about 5 or 10 dollars, but it was more than what I had the moment before, so I was very excited.  I scooped them out and asked the question again.  More one-dollar bills popped up to the surface.  I continued doing this for hours until I had a pile of wet bills on the ground next to me.

The awareness slowly came to me, that if I asked it for other things, those would also appear, but I had to word it just right.  So instead of giving one-dollar bills, it would give five’s or ten’s, or even hundreds.  So I tried changing the words to see what would happen.  I tried several different phrases for 15 or 20 minutes, but then realized I was wasting time, and I would be getting at least some money if I continued to use the phrase that had worked for one-dollar bills..

(I also had this strange thought that if I knew the proper phrase, it would pay off my credit cards.  I even dipped my credit card down in the water thinking that would help.)

I never did figure out what other phrase to use, so I just kept using the one that did work and continued raking single digit bills off the surface of the water.  In retrospect, I suppose it’s like having a job.  At a job, I trade my time for money, and I get only a small amount back for the time I put in.  If I stop, to put my time into something else, like a business, or learning a new trade, it is probably going to take quite a bit of time before I start gaining any money from those activities, and in the meantime while I expended my energy on that, I am without the money I would have made, had I just continued to work for small amounts.

It’s a risk.  It’s a risk for people to stop doing what is bringing them something, for the chance that they might just get it right and start bringing in more in the same amount of time or with the same amount of effort.  It’s a risk that they won’t figure it out, and they’ll be worse off than they were if they stuck with what at least brought them something.

How many of us stay in our jobs and continue to earn paychecks possibly because we don’t know how to start a business or invest, or how to do something more?

Even though it happened several years ago, I know I was being taught a very profound principle about money… about time… and about risk.


A couple weeks ago I was resting in a hot bath, emotionally exhausted from the day.  I was running scenarios through my mind about how to make money if I lived a mobile lifestyle… traveling.  I wondered if I should simply take the money I had just made from selling some things off and just invest it in an option trading account.  If I did, what would I do with it?  Invest $500 and as soon as it made any money, take that money out of the account and continue trading with $500 for a while?

In a flash, I had a huge download of information… kind of like that waking vision I had where I saw the pathways…

  1. If I did that, I would be limiting myself to making only what $500 would make in a given period of time.  Sometimes it would make more, sometimes less, but it would always be limited to what $500 could basically make.
  2. If I left the $500 in the account, and left all the money it made in the account and continue to trade with the increased money as well, it could grow faster and faster… I could make a lot more money in a shorter amount of time trading with, say $10,000 than I could with just $500.  The great part, is that I wouldn’t really be doing anything differently.  I wouldn’t be spending more time on it, or more effort.  The effort expended would not go up relative to the amount I was investing.  It would go up exponentially, without much increase in effort.
  3. THIS is how money is made.
  4. The amount of money I put in at the beginning… and leave in… makes an enormous difference later on.  If I take $1 out now, that $1 could have made me thousands years from now.
  5. The key to wealth creation is… leaving the money in if I can.

The final thing that hit me, was a flash of my dream, sitting by the well, asking it for money.

I finally had the answer–the answer I had sought for–to making more money.  It wasn’t some special phrase I had to figure out.  It was the same one.  THE SAME ONE!  I didn’t have to change what I was doing to get the money to come up in the fountain.

I had to STOP taking it OUT!

As my mind toyed with this idea, I imagined saying those words to the fountain again and seeing the $1 bills pop up to the surface.  Without scooping them out this time, I asked again and watched, fascinated, as the dollar bills got sucked back down into the black depths of the fountain only to rise again as $5 bills, then $10 bills, and so on.

That was the key to getting more money out of the fountain… I had to be disciplined and be able to wait.  If I was needy or greedy and took it out too soon, it affected how much the fountain would give me.  If I allowed it to take back what it had given me, the fountain would use it to make more.

I was so elated to have finally found the solution to this puzzle!

And I know what I’m going to do to make money on the road!  I’m going to invest… and I’m going to leave the money in the account when it increases, and use it to make more… and more… and more.

And now YOU know the secret… of my money fountain.

I hope it makes you wealthy.

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