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The Strange and Unexplainable Things that Happen To Powerful Women


I was meditating…

I was sitting on the floor of a training center in Salt Lake City with approximately 100 other participants.

We were participating in a guided meditation.

I don’t particularly recall what it was about, or where I was supposed to be directing my consciousness, because it suddenly took over and went somewhere else.

I immediately found myself in my ex-husband’s bedroom.  I was floating near the ceiling, almost touching it with my head, but for me, the ceiling didn’t exist.

I soon became aware that I looked very, very different.  I was wearing a long flowing bright blue robe of some sort.  Huge amounts of blue light emerged from my whole being.  My skin was even a bright blue as well as my hair.  Everything about me was intense blue.  My hair was flowing out around me almost as if being blown by some air moving out from my body.

I was not in control of what happened next.

I was aware that my ex-husband had been grooming my daughter for sexual abuse, but the court system had turned a blind eye to it, and so had the children’s advocate groups.  No power on earth could stop him now from being free to continue.

Suddenly, my whole being exploded with intense power and I found myself speaking in a voice very unlike my own… It thundered, as I imagined the voice of God might.

“YOU SHALL NOT TOUCH HER AGAIN!” Came the command from somewhere deep within, and yet also from without.


I don’t recall how many times I said it, but what was unconsciously uttered forth from me was so intense, spontaneous, and powerful, I felt it myself.

I also had the feeling that this was not merely my imagination.  I knew, somehow, that he had just seen a blue angel commanding him to stop harming my daughter.

I came back to myself as quickly as I had left, and sat there reeling… wondering, what on earth had just happened to me… and what on earth had just happened to him.

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