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The Strange and Unexplainable Things that Happen To Powerful Women


I often wondered if the dreams I had, when separated from my daughter, had any actual connection to her.

We were standing in a field, in tall grass.  There was a barbed wire fence built with wooden posts around the field.  It was dusk.

I stood there holding her hand, looking up at the stars.  My  daughter was about 12 years old, but in my dream, she was 6 or 7.  We were watching the lights moving about the sky.  I started realizing that the lights probably weren’t stars.  They started to get closer.  Soon, about 20 or 30 ships were passing us overhead.  Spaceships.  Some were elongated and roundish (like an airstream travel trailer, but much bigger.)  They had windows all around the sides.  They were close enough we could see humanoid beings inside them.  They didn’t seem to be paying much attention to us.

I exclaimed, “Check it out!  They’re really real!  Holy crap!”  I stood there in both disbelief and wonder that this phenomenon everyone scoffed at was actually happening right before my eyes.  I thought to myself, “at least I don’t have to wonder anymore.”

My daughter wondered out loud if they were coming for us.  I observed them more closely and said, “No, I think they’re more interested in those nuclear plants over there.”  I pointed off in the distance to my left.  The sun had just set behind a row of nuclear reactors, their large concrete, convex towers gleaming in the orange glow of a fading sun.  They were arranged in a gently curved line.  The ships seemed far more interested in what was happening there.  They seemed to pass us by.

As one ship passed very close to us, I focused more intently on seeing if I could view the inhabitants more clearly.  Almost as if I had communicated something, it changed course and came closer to where the two of us were standing.  It was round and looked exactly like the cartoon spaceships I had seen on TV and in movies growing up.

I even found myself exclaiming, ‘Check it out!  They look exactly the same as in the movies.”

As if on cue, a beam of light shot out of the center of the disk and hit the ground about 50 feet from where we stood.

We both felt drawn to it and walked closer.  I got a slightly uneasy feeling as we got nearer, and felt like it probably wasn’t a good idea to go into the light.

My daughter seemed fascinated and mesmerized by it.  As we continued to stand there hand-in hand, I was shocked to suddenly see my daughter floating upwards in the beam of light–ever so slowly.  I was sure I hadn’t let go of her hand.  I squeezed her hand once again and looked down at her standing next to me.  Sure enough, there she was, holding my hand, but what was rising up in the light?  Something didn’t feel right.  I looked down to my left where she stood and saw her body, but it seemed empty… hollow.  I looked up again at her face, rising up slowly in the beam of light.  Now her face was all I could see.  I realized her spirit must have left her body and it was headed up to the ship.  I said, “Oh no you don’t!  You’re staying right here with me!”  I reached up and took a hold of her face and pulled it back down.  With my other hand now behind her head, I pushed her spirit back into her body, my hand still on her face.  

Later that day, I was in the car driving to the store with my step-daughters and told them about the dream.  They thought I was weird.  (But then, who doesn’t?)

When I picked up my daughter for visitation the following day, I took my step-daughters with me.  Back at the house, I asked my daughter if she had any strange dreams lately.

Her eyes and face lit up and she said, “Yeah, I did!  Two nights ago, I didn’t have any dreams at all, or at least I don’t remember any.  Everything was pitch black all night, but in the blackness, all of a sudden, there’s this hand… on my FACE.”  She put her right hand over her face in demonstration.  It was the exact same hand, and the exact same position I had grabbed her face in my dream.

She said that’s all she remembered of the dream, but the hand was so vivid, she could feel it on her face after she woke, and long throughout the next day.

She said it didn’t particularly scare her, it was just a hand on her face.

My step-daughters eyes got really big.  One of them blurted out, “Okay, I’m totally freaked out now!”

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